Cronulla 3% property management

About this Cronulla Property Investment

Period: Jul 2017 to Current

Subject: Simply moving to 3% Property Management can save you thousands!

John was spending $4,680 per year on his exclusive $1500 per week apartment he was leasing out in Cronulla. Yep, he was paying an insane 6% ($430 per month) to his local real estate agent, who hadn’t done much in the last 5 years since leasing.

What We Did

When we sat down with him and did the maths, John would save $2340 ex GST every year! And that’s not even taking into account his first years FREE Landlord insurance.

2016/17 Returns

  • Agent Fees
  • John's profits
  • Maintenance

The Results

  • $2340 saving in Property Management Fees
  • Free landlord insurance
  • Reduced Cost of maintaining property by ~$700

2017/18 Returns

  • 3% Fees
  • John's profits
  • Maintenance

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