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Period: Sep 2017 to Current

Subject: Smart granny flat design increased rental returns by >32%!

Granny flats have saturated the market, and therefore standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. In fact, it not only means that your investment will be snapped up quickly meaning faster return, but the right design will be dutch-auctioned to the highest bidding tenant.

And that’s the exact kind of investment we were able to build for Simon.

Elizabeth Hills cheapest PROPERTY management
Elizabeth Hills cheapest PROPERTY management

What We Did


  • We helped with the build of an oversized Granny Flat
  • We developed an exceptional marketing campaign
  • We leased out the oversized granny flat in under a weeks
  • We received offers almost 10% above our already high asking price

Whilst Simon was convinced that the development of a second dwelling on his property was the way forward; he was unable to foresee the challenges he would need to overcome along the way.

That’s where we came in. We were able to provide the right architect and concept design to ensure that the investment being poured into this design was successful and would be welcomed by the market.

The Results

  • Brand new granny flat fetched an $500 per week; though the market average was $350 – $380.
  • In total, Simon is making a solid $120 per week extra – yes 32% increase in ROI!

Graph: Annual Net Returns

There is no doubt, that we have turned around Simon’s development and investment into a serious money maker. Had Simon taken a normal grannyflat build vs a stand out granny flat in the same area – he would have been lucky to receive $19760 return on investment, where in fact we were able to rent it out for $26000 within the first 2 days on market – That’s a whopping $6240 per year net additional ROI (+32% RIO).

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