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About this Mount Annan Property Investment

Period: Sep 2018 to Current

Subject: Premium Advertising and Leasing Experts = Occupancy

We engaged Mark on the 24th of September 18. His house had been vacant for some time and mentioned his previous property manager was struggling to get leads. Unfortunately, when we looked into it, his property manager had not used premium ads and had taken a very economical approach (still charging the client a 2 weeks leasing fee) to advertise the property! We jumped on, sent out our photographers the very same day, created a virtual floor plan (pictured) and on the 26th of September we took the time to provide it with housekeeper santa monica a private inspection…and bob’s your uncle. The deal was done the property was leased at a rate that made everyone happy. To top it off Mark was paying a whopping 6.6% for his management fees. He saved 50%!

What We Did


  • We leased out a property that was vacant for some time in just 2 days from engagement.
  • We landed an excellent tenant, who appreciated the provisions we made to provide a private viewing session.
  • The property now earns more income than it ever did
  • Mark saved 50% off his property management bill
Mount Annan lease floor plan
Mount Annan lease floor plan

The Results

  • $20 per week rental increase bringing it to $520 per week.
  • Took 50% off Mark’s management fees.
  • FREE Landlord insurance valued at $300.
  • The overall rental yield increased by a 23.44%!

Mount Annan Property Annual Income

  • Other Agent
  • 3%

Graph/Calculation explanation:

Other agent: Previous agent was only able to maintain 46 weeks tenancy in the year; charged 6% management fee and did not include land lord insurance.

3% Property Management secured an 18months lease, (calculation takes into consideration full occupancy for the year, and 50% management fee, and the $20 increase in rental income.

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