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As investors ourselves, we know how important it is to have a pro-active property manager who uses their expertise and industry knowledge to maximise your investment return. We have experienced first-hand the time, research, countless seminars and effort that goes into finding the right investment, not to mention the sweat and tears required to come up with enough funds to purchase a property!

Your property manager should feel privileged that you have chosen them to manage your hard-earned investment, and in turn utilise their experience, skills, time and effort to maximise your returns. Unfortunately, the reality is often very different. Many clients come to us complaining that their previous property manager is too complacent, and puts very little effort into ensuring they are making the most from their investment.

At 3% we simply will not accept a below par service, and pro-actively look at maximising our client’s portfolios. You can expect an unbeatable service at every level, and be always assured that our high standards are maintained and promises are kept. Yes, we guarantee you a headache-free service because we go out of our way to manage your property as if it’s our own.

Letting & Marketing

Finding the right tenants.
  • Thorough Tenant Selection

    Getting the right tenants in can save you thousands in damages, unpaid rent and stress. Either way, it’s our problem, so leave it with us to get it right!

  • Professional Marketing

    We don’t skip any steps when marketing your property. We will take Professional Photos that will be sure to draw in the crowds, and then list property across several iconic real platforms.

  • Expert Lease Negotiations

    With 3% on your side, you know you will attain maximum return on your investment. We will negotiate a solid lease, that completely fools proof and even ensure you receive regular rental reviews every 6 months.

  • No Vacancy

    We will generally screen in long-term tenants, however, that time for a new tenant always comes about. 3% is always ahead of the game, and often line up new tenants well before the current ones leave. Our awesome marketing also means average leasing times are much better than the market average, with most around 7 to 10 days.


Regular inspections keeps us all sound asleep.
  • Save on Professional Tradesmen

    Whilst there are obvious advantages to keeping your property well maintained, it can be a very costly process if you do not have affordable, reliable and highly qualified tradesmen. We only use a handful of verified and trusted tradesmen who are accountable to us with their quality and price. So you can leave the worrying to us, and we can handle your maintenance issues.

  • Comprehensive Inspection

    Unlike many agents out there, our routine inspection is more than just a routine, and definitely, more than a quick chat with the tenant at the door to see how everything is going. Our comprehensive walkthrough of the property details how the property is being maintained and we report on all maintenance items noticed.

  • 360* Videos

    Bringing technology to the table is where 3% really shines. Our comprehensive property inspections include a full 360* video of the interior and exterior of the property, allowing us to a. show you exactly how things are going, and b. create a time capsule to revisit any issues that arise.

  • Simple Inspection Report

    Every 3 months, we will produce a simple inspection report detailing the current condition of the property. We detail any items we notice such as a leaking tap (which can cost a fortune overtime in water bills and even cause water damage). We then put in any recommendations to help ensure your property value remains at an optimum for future sale or tenants.

Repairs and Maintenance

Keeping your house maintained without putting a hole in your pocket.
  • Thorough Tenant Selection

    Getting the right tenants in can save you thousands in damages, unpaid rent and stress. Either way, it’s our problem, so leave it with us to get it right!

  • Maintenance Tracking and Logging

    Our Systems allow your tenants to swiftly upload detailed photos and videos of any issues they are experiencing, allowing us to work with you to easily identify the problem before having to send out a tradesman. You will also have a full record of all repairs that have taken place, when they were done, how they were resolved and how much it cost!

  • Quality Tradesmen

    If you prefer to use our tradies, you can rest assured knowing that your issue will be resolved in the most amicable way. Our tradies are all qualified with more than 10 years experience in their field and fully insured. Most of them also provide a lifetime warranty on their labour.

  • Save Money!

    We negotiate discounted rates with our trusted and qualified tradies to ensure that you can maintain your property economically. We understand that maintenance costs can quickly eat into your income, and if it’s not managed can very quickly put you on the back foot.